Hey I'm Michelle - founder of Evalonne. I'm based in Melbourne, Australia - but I created Evalonne for every woman in the world who wants to take control of her reproductive health and wellbeing.

My story

My husband and I had been trying to make a baby for a year and a half and after a laparoscopy I finally fell pregnant. I was honestly so shocked, then ecstatic, then ridiculously anxious. 

At my scan I was told my pregnancy was ectopic and I couldn't leave the hospital. Within 2 hours I was in surgery again having my baby and my right tube removed. I had never experienced such excruciating heartbreak in my life. All the futures I had imagined, never included this.

The next day I was released from hospital and all I was given was a flimsy piece of paper on how to recover from the physical surgery. Nothing else. I was so emotionally lost and it seemed crazy that there was no help out there for people like me.

One in four women go through this...how come there were some forums and written info, but nothing interactive, nothing that could help us feel connected to others who had been through what we had, while also doing something really active toward healing?

So that's why I've created Evalonne. To help people heal from what feels like an un-healable loss.

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