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What happens once you get access

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Once you register, you'll get an email from us with the free class Zoom conference details, as well as a calendar invitation.

Step 2

Every Thursday at 8:30pm to 9:15pm Melbourne time we run the sessions. We record it for people who can't make it live.

Step 3

We focus on a different area each week: Grief and the Nervous System, Grounding, Self Compassion.

Step 4

After each session we share the recording of the session. That way you'll always have a copy that you can go back whenever you need it.

Why Evalonne exists

To help heal women from the devastation of pregnancy loss

Hey I'm Michelle, and I'm based in Melbourne (yes, still in lockdown!). 

My husband and I had been trying to make a baby for a year and a half and after a laparoscopy I finally fell pregnant. I was honestly so shocked, then ecstatic, then ridiculously anxious. 

At my scan I was told my pregnancy was ectopic and I couldn't leave the hospital. Within 2 hours I was in surgery again having my baby and my right tube removed. I had never experienced such excruciating heartbreak in my life. All the futures I had imagined, never included this.

Anyway the next day I was released from hospital and all I was given was a flimsy piece of paper on how to recover from the physical surgery. Nothing else. I was so emotionally lost and it seemed crazy that there was no help out there for people like me.

One in four women go through come there were some forums and written info, but nothing interactive, nothing that could help us feel connected to others who had been through what we had, while also doing something really active toward healing?

So that's why I've created Evalonne. I'm creating a course to help people heal - but in the meantime to getting that finished, I've engaged one of my friends Sabine to run some free meditation classes for us.

This only happened 6 weeks ago for me, so it's raw and its fresh and is still fucking hurts like hell every single day.

I'm a marketer as a day job (hence the Facebook ads and this landing page!) - but this isn't about anything other than genuinely wanting to give access to as many people as possible.

So...I really hope you'll join us. We ask nothing of you, only that you bring yourself, and be open to letting out your emotions. You don't need to be on camera if you don't feel comfortable. We are all in this together.

Love Michelle xoxo



What women say

I feel so blessed to share this moment with you all.

For some reason I couldn't explain I started crying felt really good to let go and feel that pressure go away. So thank you. Thank you, this is awesome.


Thank you for putting this on.

I was just crying the whole time! It felt like a really good release and really good to work through some guilt I didn't realise I was having. Thank you guys so much.


It was really beautiful

It was really beautiful. I've done a lot of different types of meditation and mindfulness but I feel like I still learned something.


Who is our Sleep Yoga Coach

About Elyse Hoff

Elyse Hof is a qualified Yoga instructor and a former dance teacher, with a Bachelor from the Victorian College Of The Arts (VCA).

Elyse is also trained in Pilates and Massage Therapy and combines techniques to promote core strength, muscle control and flexibility in her students.

Elyse is the owner of Soultree Moves, and specialises in Sleep Yoga.

Her classes are especially centered around relaxing our nervous system which can get a little stuck in the fight or flight response and that can be from that’s happened in your day or week, stress, grief, or just overwhelm to the nervous system in general.

This means that the usual pathways and cues for our body to relax and go to asleep have been interrupted and affected, often resulting in struggles getting to sleep or staying asleep.

She uses Yoga to rewire the nervous system in a really calming and nurturing way. Because of its heavy focus on breath, it can be like a moving meditation. 


Get free class access now

"For a little while, I loved you with both my hearts"

Two Hearts - by Michelle B

Women from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, London and South America come together in a weekly online sleep yoga session.

There are no commitments, nothing we're trying to sell. We are all just trying to help each other heal, and be there for each other no matter what.
Feel free to visit us and chat on Instagram or Facebook. We're always available on messenger if you need support between 8am and 9pm AEST.

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